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Slate Roofing Tiles in Perth

What is slate?

Slate is fine-grained rock formed over 500 million years, starting from sedimentary clay deposits in ancient seas and when over time the earth’s crust temperature heated and cooled the clay slowly turned into shale and eventually to slate.

Why choose slate roofing?

Slate roof tiles are a natural, durable and attractive material which unlike other modern roofing materials will withstand the most severe weather conditions and extremes in temperature. Slate tiles have been used worldwide for thousands of years and recognised as one of the finest roofing materials available.

A good quality slate will last the lifetime of a building and is ideal for use on any project including prestige homes, city offices, churches, supermarkets and schools to name some.



Roofing Product Weight
Repairs & Maintenance
% of initial cost
frequency times
Total cost
per unit $
per unit area
Concrete Tiles 51.0 30 10% 3.33 $316.64
Clay Tiles 63.0 40 10% 2.50 $420.96
Fibre Cement Slates 21.4 30 12% 3.33 $501.00
Synthetic Slates 24.7 30 12% 3.33 $556.84
Welsh Slate 32.0 100 12% 1.00 $207.51
Conversion rate AUD/GBP 0.4819

Comparison information from Building Magazine complied by Mr Francois Moal (Managing Director of Eurocom Enterprice Ltd) February 1995. Costs updated from AJ Focus complied by Davis Langdon and Everest, July 1995. All figures given are for roofing products throughout a 100 year life cycle.

We only use good quality slates:

  • Natural slates - slates which meet Australian, European and American standards
  • Synthetic slate - Barrington Slate products and Marley Eternit Melbourne range

For further information please see our product range.

Find satisfaction in your new slate roof

Carter Roofing & Slating Pty Ltd understand the importance of using durable roofing tiles. Whether we are applying new slate roofing, roofing shingles, or durable and stylish skylights, we operate with attention to detail to ensure you are satisfied with the final product. If you would like more information or to make an enquiry on any of our services available across Perth, please contact one of our helpful staff members by calling 08 9408 1967, emailing at nigel@carterroofing.com.au, or complete one of our forms and we will get back to you as soon as possible.