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European metal roofing specialist joins the Carter Roofing team

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We are excited to announce internationally acclaimed European metal roofing specialist Matthew Smith has joined the Carter Roofing team.

Matthew specialises in copper, zinc, stainless steel and aluminium roofing and cladding. He has worked on a range of projects from large high profile public buildings to residential projects where his work has been featured on the UK lifestyle program, Grand Designs.

Metal roofing has been widely used throughout Europe and the US for centuries because of its performance when subject to sever winds, damaging rains and snow. However, it is metal roofing’s ability to endure intense heat and an extremely high amount of sunlight that is now making it a popular choice in Australia.

Metal roofing, when installed correctly, is fire and spark resistant, hail resistant, wind resistant, snow shedding and is not affected by fungus, mildew or insect activity. It can also be worked into a stunning array of designs and applications allowing an architectural interior to be continued on the exterior of the property… Matthew’s specialty!

For more information or to see examples of the great variety of styles and finishes possible contact Matt Smith on 0459 933 077.

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